6 Jan 2019 from 9am to 11am

This is a three hour session to introduce the society’s history, vision and objectives. We will be sharing with you the facilities available at our center, Uttama Bodhi Vihara and also how the community can be part of a Dhamma inspired spiritual community that we have established.

Who should attend?

All new membership applicants and anyone who are keen to know more about Bandar Utama Buddhist Society. All are welcome.


  1. Observance of the 5 Precepts

  2. President’s address

  3. Introduction to BUBS

  4. Ice breaking

  5. Tea Break

  6. UBV facilities

  7. Building a Buddhist Center (Vihara), Community & Virtues (Paramis)


3-week Basic Buddhism Course
12, 19 & 26 January 2019
3.00pm – 6.00pm

What is Buddhism  COURSE - MOdule 1

This is an introductory course in Buddhism. We will be sharing with you the basic and essential theoretical knowledge and understanding of Buddhist teachings. It prepares and builds your foundation to advance further into intermediate and advance levels on a series of courses in discovering Buddhism conducted by our centre.

Who should attend?

Any body who is keen to learn more about Buddhism and for those who wish to walk the path to liberation. New membership applicants.

Course outline


Week 1 (12 January 2019, Sat)

Course Leader: Bro. Tan Buck Soon

1.     A Glimpse of Buddhism

2.    The Triple Gem


Week 2 (19 January 2019, Sat)

Course Leader: Datuk Charlie Chia

3.    The Four Noble Truth

4.    The Noble Eightfold Path


Week 3 (27 January 2019, Sun)

Course Leader: Bro. Benny Liow

5.    Kamma & Rebirth

6.    Meritorious Deeds, Service & Contribution

Organized by and conducted at:


3, Jalan BU 3/1, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya



(for non-Muslim Only)

Yes! I am keen to enroll myself for these courses and undertake to complete the full duration of the courses.

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To enquire, please contact:

Sis. Saw Sook Mooi 019-3625222 or

Sis. Yong Lily 012-2788988 or

UBV Office 03-77106010; fax: 03-77106012

Your generous contribution to help defray cost of running the course will be most appreciated.  Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!


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