Know Your Mind

Train Your Mind

Free Your Mind

Knowing ones mind is to not get caught up with agitation, and observe the mind as thoughts arises. It is a discovery process to ones mind without judging. When the focus is on knowing, we make no attempt to try to change anything. Just observing the mind can be a radical change and a relief.

Training ones mind is a process of developing kindness and compassion whenever mental conflicts, such as aversion, anger, or despair arises. Once the mind develops concentration, we can foster the growth of generosity, ethical virtue, and discernment.

Freeing ones mind is to let go of clinging whenever thought arises. The ultimate aim of Buddhist practice is to liberate the heart so there are no barriers to our heart's freedom. Freeing the heart begins in small steps, each bringing a corresponding peace.

Care of the body is a daily task. The mind too needs regular care, exercise, and training. With freedom from suffering as the goal, knowing, training, and freeing are the three Buddhist ways of caring for the mind.

Wesak Eve, Saturday 18 May 2019

7.30 pm - Arrival of devotees

8.00 pm - Offerings of flowers and Lighting of candle lamps- Commencement of Wesak Eve Celebration

8.45 pm - Dhamma Talk by Ven. Ajahn

10.00 pm - Reading of Visakha Puja

10.15 pm - Candle lit Circumambulation

10.50 pm - Offering of Flowers by Devotees

11.00 pm - Light Refreshment

11.30 pm - Iti Pi So Chanting (Homage to the Buddha)

0.20 am - Happy Wesak and Close


Wesak Day, Sunday 19 May 2019

5.00 am - Meditation

7.00 am - Receiving of Dana Food at LG

8.00 am - Arrival of Devotees

8.45 am - Arrival of Invited Guests

9.00 am - Formal Offering of Food and Anumodana

9.20 am - Singing of Negara Ku and BUBS Anthem at Bodhi Garden

9.30 am - Speech by BUBS President

9.40 am - Speech by Guests of Honour

9.45 am - Launch of Wesak Celebration

10.00 am - Performance by Dhamma School Children

10.30 am - Dhamma Reflections,
Paritta Chanting for Blessings and Protection by Monks
Viewing of Exhibition and Tea Reception

11.25 am - End of Ceremony


Blessings for the Public

11.30 am to 2.30 pm - Blessing for the public by Members of the Sangha


Blood donation ,Organ pledge, Health Talk & Exhibition

10.00 a.m to 3 pm - Blood donation & Organ pledge at 1st Floor, Bhavana Hall

1.00 pm to 1.45 pm - Health Talk

10.00 am to 3.45 pm - Exhibition


Dhamma Talk

2.45 pm to 3.45 pm - Dhamma Talk by Ven. Ajahn in Buddhacetiya Hall


Free Vegetarian Food

11.00 am to 2 pm - Vegetarian lunch


Wesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing away into Nirvana of the Lord Buddha.

As we come together to celebrate Wesak 2019 at BUBS, light a candle and/or make a flower offering with a sincere heart on this auspicious day for your well-being and happiness. The symbolic offering of flowers serves as a reminder to us that just as beautiful flowers wither away, life is fleeting, transient and will eventually pass away whilst the offering of candles symbolises the light of wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance.

We welcome you to participate as follows:

  1. Flower Offering ………… RM 20

  2. Light A Candle …………. RM 20

Payment can be made at our Sunday counter or office. You can also remit/online to Bandar Utama Buddhist Society’s account with RHB Bank. The account number is.: 212-170-000-189-97. For online transfer, please email the bank transfer slip together with your details to by stating name of donor, name of IMO (If any) and number of flower or lights offered to facilitate issuance of receipts.

We wish to invite and extend to you an opportunity to volunteer in various activities towards preparing and help during the Wesak Day Celebration this year. Please write your names and contact at the dedicated notice board at the lobby, or fill in your contact in the online form.