There are two types of membership:

  • Ordinary Membership at RM50.00 per calendar year

  • Life Membership at RM300.00 (one-time payment)

Both categories enjoy identical privileges.

To be a member, it is a pre-requisite that member-applicants attend:

  1. our induction course

  2. one module of our Buddhism Course.

These courses are held quarterly at our centre.  

If you are interested to be a member, please complete our Membership Application form and submit the form to our office.  You will be notified via email about our induction and Buddhism Course.  Your membership application will only be processed after you have attended the compulsory courses.

For more info, you may contact our office at 03-77106010.

Offering service is one of the Ten Meritorious Deeds (Dasa Kusala Kamma). It is a wonderful opportunity to support your practice, generating merits for yourself and be of benefit to others.

Since its inception, BUBS has been run by volunteers. It is through the efforts and dedication of the many volunteers that we are able to run all our programs smoothly for the welfare and happiness of many. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu to all. 

We invite you to become part of our volunteer team, sharing your skills and your strength for the benefit of the community.