Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (BUBS)


Building a Dhamma-inspired society

Brief history of BUBS

It all began in 1999. From the seed of an idea amongst some residents of Bandar Utama grew a project to build a centre for Buddhist practice to serve the new township. To take on the project, Bandar Utama Buddhist Society was registered on 28 March 2000.

In the next ten years, with the determined help of benefactors, donors and supporters, Uttama Bodhi Vihara grew from concept to blueprint to an iconic building that is the home of the Society. Today, it is a landmark of Dhammaduta initiatives known to many Buddhists throughout the Klang Valley. It is also a much sought-after venue for meditation retreats and Dhamma camps by other Buddhist organizations of various traditions.

Purpose-built Vihara

Uttama Bodhi Vihara, or Vihara of Supreme Awakening, features a contemporary architectural design. Importance has been given to the use of natural light and ventilation. The heart of the Vihara is the unique oval-shaped shrine hall used for worship and Dhamma instruction. On the first floor is a large hall for meditation and other activities. Ample space is provided for children so that they will have the opportunity to learn the Dhamma and Buddhist culture that is essential to the continuation of our heritage. There are also comfortable Vinaya-compliant rooms for monks and teachers.

Who we are

As a Buddhist society guided by the Theravada Buddhist tradition, BUBS teach and practise the Buddha-Dhamma as recorded in the Pali Canon. Our activities are steered by our vision of developing Dhamma-inspired members and propagating the Buddha-Dhamma in the community.

Our tagline “A family that prays together stays together” aptly encapsulates our aspiration of providing a conducive place for Buddhist families, the old and the young, to congregate and grow in the Dhamma.

What we offer

The Vihara is more than just a building. It provides an environment that is deeply needed in our daily lives: a place for people to come and experience the benefits of learning, contemplating and practising the Buddha’s teachings.

A place for learning

The Vihara is the focal point of the Society’s effort to preserve and effectively transmit the Dhamma. Weekly Dhamma talks and regular Buddhism and meditation classes are offered at the Vihara. They are open to the public so that all who wish to encounter the Dhamma will have the precious opportunity.

Each year, the Vihara receives visits by many venerables from the Thai forest lineage, who teach the Dhamma and lead meditation retreats. Prominent venerables who have visited us include Luang Por Sumedho, Luang Por Pasanno, Luang Por Piak and Ajahn Dtun.

A place for practice

The Vihara offers boundless opportunities for the Buddhist community to develop and deepen our practice. Whether by being a volunteer, a donor or just a participant in the activities of BUBS, countless occasions arise for us to perfect our parami of generosity, patience, gentle speech, loving-kindness and so on.

The Vihara welcomes all who wish to participate in our activities. It is our wish that the local community will join us and offer their talents to support our work and help further our Dhammaduta efforts.

A place for fellowship

The Vihara's activiities allow members of the Buddhist community to get to know one another and build bonds of fellowship. Our members come together in fun and fellowship through events like festive celebrations, trips and pilgrimages.

And through our Dhammaduta activiites, like-minded Dhamma seekers have the chance to nurture spiritual friendships and provide mutual support to fellow kalyanamitra.

We wish that all who walk through the doors of the Vihara may experience the bliss, happiness and peace offered by the Dhamma.