Access to Insight

Access to Insight is an HTML website dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and useful information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism, as it has been handed down to us through both the written word of the Pali canon and the living example of the Sangha.

This site offers an extensive collection of English translations of suttas from the Pāli Canon, as well as a multitude of free downloads of Dhamma from the Kammaṭṭhāna (or Thai Forest) Tradition of Buddhism. Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu of Metta Forest Monastery is the speaker, author or translator unless otherwise noted.

Forest Sangha

This forest sangha site functions as a portal page for the Branch Monasteries and Associated Monasteries of disciples of Venerable Ajahn Chah, particularly in the West.

Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia

The Council serves as a platform to unite the Theravāda Buddhist organisations and community, to synergise effort in Dhamma propagation, to provide direction to member organisations, and to work with other Buddhist federations to safeguard the interests of Malaysian Buddhists.

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary

Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) is a sanctuary for Buddhist monks to deepen their knowledge, understanding and practice of the Buddha’s teachings. Under the auspices of the Monastery (Monk Training Centre) the Sanctuary dedicates its resources to groom ordained as well as prospective monks to become conscientious in the study and practice of the DhammaVinaya, and thereby help to perpetuate the Sāsana.

Dhamma Earth

To nurture a Dhamma Propagation ecosystem that enables Dhamma Growth and Exploration for the alleviation, prevention and cessation of suffering, for the welfare and happiness of all beings.