Dhammaduta Main Activities

Sunday Morning Puja

The practice of Sunday morning puja is carried out every week. Members participate actively in offering of light, flowers, water and incense to the Buddha preceding the puja.  The Puja and Dhamma talk is held from 9.00 am to 10.30 am.


Sunday Dhamma Talks

Dhamma talks are held following each Puja session every Sunday (except for BUBS Dhamma School holidays where Dhamma sharing/discussions are conducted by the Exco on duty). Speakers are invited each week to share the Dhamma with members and friends of BUBS.

We are blessed to have many Forest Sangha members, locally and overseas offering Dhamma teachings. After the Dhamma teaching, members and friends as well as children of BUBS Dhamma School have the opportunity to offer Dana (Food offering) followed by community lunch.


Weekly Meditation Practice

Introduction to meditation class is held every Thursday night from 8.30pm to 10.00pm.

Metta meditation class is held every Sunday from 11.00 am to 12.30pm.


Friday Dhamma Talk

by Tan Ajahn Anan Live from Wat Marp

This session will be available on every Friday unless advised otherwise. All members and friends are encouraged not to miss the session.

Meditation starts at 7.15 pm, followed by chanting at 8.00 pm. You are welcome to join the Dhamma talk at 8.30 pm if you cannot make it earlier. There is a Q&A session after the talk. The meditation and chanting is led by the Venerables at Wat Marp Jan. 


Blessing Services

Monastics from Sentul Buddhist Temple are often invited to BUBS to conduct special blessing services for the following occasions:

  • Wesak day
  • Blessings for students sitting or major public examination.

Adult  Dhamma Course

Meditation Retreat

Meditation is the heart of the Buddha's Teaching; therefore retreats are organised and held at UBV during mid-term and year end school holidays. Members and friends can participate actively to practise mindfulness for spiritual development and happiness.


Sutta Class and Dhamma Workshop

Sutta classes and Dhamma workshops are held on an ad-hoc basis whenever a Monastic is available to facilitate.