What ? BUDDY ??

Bandar Utama Dhamma Duta Youth, mostly known as BUDDY, is the youth section of BUBS which creates a platform for Buddhist youth who enjoys sharing the Dhamma through fun, interactive activities and connect with one another spiritually.  

Events & Activities!


BUDDY camp is a camp tailored for teens within the range of 13 to 17 years old and is organised annually by the BUDDY committees. 

Participants will be staying for a duration of 4 - 5 days in a buddhist centre learning Dhamma values through exciting activities and games. There would also be a few workshops conducted by dhamma speakers throughout the camp.

BUDDY Sleepover

Annually, after a whole LOOONG year of school, tuitions and exams… BUDDY presents BUDDY Sleepover !  

BUDDY Sleepover is a 24 hours event where participants have a chance to FINALLY relax, have an awesome time and bond with their spiritual friends as well as making new ones before the year ends! The best part is, by the end of the day, they get to Sleepover! :D

BUDDY Friday Nights 

Friday Night is a 2 hours session we have once every few months to allow us to take a break from our hectic life and relax, meet more friends and learn more about the Dhamma through fun activities and discussions ! :D


BUDDY Charity / Welfare Events

We all seem to understand the concept of Loving Kindness, Radiating Metta to all, but how often do you do it? 

Just talk no action, it's not our style! Thus, BUDDY also have our own share of charity / welfare events as an outlet for us to practice metta and share our Love and Compassion!


Examples of our past events are


Charity Carwash


Walk of Hope


Welfare Visit

BUDDY Personal & Dhamma Development Workshop

These workshops are conducted by professional speakers invited by BUDDY on either Personal development or Dhamma related topics.

Personal Developments includes leadership, teamwork, self confidence, public speaking skills, communication skills, etc.

 Klang Valley Buddhist Youth

A year ago, Leaders of Klang Valley Buddhist Societies came out with an idea to plan events that include all of US, instead of just all of YOU. 

With This, BUDDY's platform for Buddhist Youth to learn and explore the Dhamma have no limits! For instance, 


"Inter Buddhist Youth Cultural Exchange Program"

which was held in Taiwan. Giving the chance to meet with different Buddhist around the world and understanding different cultural practice.


"Buddhist Youth Fellowship Games"

Allowing buddhist youth in the Klang valley to come together and play games and interact with youths from other organizations.


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How to contact BUDDY?

Email : buddyyouth@gmail.com