Spiritual/Welfare cum Fellowship Trip to Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, Thailand: 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2018

BUBS members and friends recently went on a kathina trip to Wat Phra Chao Ton Luang, a forest monastery in Chiang Mai. Some of the members were kathina sponsors of the event and all took part in the kathina robe offering and rice pindapata in a quiet and serene setting of a forest. The group also visited Wat Aranyawiwake, participated in the kathina ceremony and paid respect to the late Luang Por Plien.

Dhammagiri Foundation, a children home BUBS has been sponsoring for the last few years, was the next destination. It was set amidst a stunning landscape in the mountains of Mae Hong Son, one of the poorest and most pristine part of Thailand. It was inspiring to see how the 60 teenage-children lived under the influence of Dhamma guidance by Tan Ajahn Cagino and other residential monks. Rice, fruits and vegetables were planted and harvested by the children and doing chores to build and maintain the place were all part of their after school activities. The Group was blessed with the opportunity to participate and witness the kathina ceremony of Sangharama monastery, the residential monastery of Dhammagiri Foundation.

The Group then set out on their land journey from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai. Some of the highlights were a bamboo-raft ride into the dark and mysterious bat cave in Tham Lod; trekking and wading through shallow rivers to reach the cave where Tan Ajahn Cagino used to practise in; enjoying the breath taking sunrise view of the Yun Lai Point and sipping an aromatic hot coffee along the way in Pai.

It was a meaningful and fun-filled spiritual, welfare and fellowship trip! 
Our most sincere appreciation and gratitude to Luang Por Thong Daeng of Wat Phra Chau Ton Luang and Tan Ajahn Cagino for their invaluable Dhamma sharing and hospitality during the trip.