BUBS Wesak 2016 - Anumodana and Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu

Our theme for Wesak 2016 was 'Sharing the Light of Wisdom'. A simple and meaningful way to reflect on the virtue of Wisdom is to offer lights to the Buddha, an act that symbolizes the dispelling of ignorance from our mind. By dispelling the darkness of ignorance, or mind becomes pure and luminous. 

We wish to record our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Luang Por Anek for the Dhamma teachings; Tan Ajahn Dton for translating the talks; Venerable Ajahns of the Thai Forest Sangha (Ajahn Chah’s lineage); Venerable Monks from Sentul Buddhist Temple; our guests of honor; invited guests; Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang; National Transplant Resource Centre; and Dr Law Chee Wai, consultant colorectal surgeon. 

Special thanks to the Surau Management for allowing us to use their car park, the various resident associations of Bandar Utama for allowing us to put up our banners and to our neighbours for your patience with the heavy traffic.  

We would also like to express our appreciation to YB Elizabeth Wong and the Selangor State Government for giving us a grant of RM20,000. This amount is timely to subsidize the repair of our leaking roof.

We had a dynamic Wesak Organising Committee this year. There was a big jump in the sale of candle lamps and flower bouquet offerings. To the F& B team, thank you for the Dana and food arrangement on Wesak Eve and Wesak Day. We would also like to commend the Dhamma School team for a wonderful performance and our Dhamma School teachers and students for the Exhibition, as well as helping in the record sale of candle and flower offerings.

Buddies, our BUBS youth, put up a very creative and impressive exhibition and organized the Wesak Eve circumambulation very well. As for the blood donation drive, despite the stringent acceptance standard by the Hospital, 121 blood donors were successfully accepted. For organ donation pledge, there were 46 pledges - double that of 2015.

Special thanks too, to the group of young scouts who were happily and diligently helping everywhere throughout the day and also to the many corporate and individual donors, well-wishers, friends, BUBS members and their families.

We are very encouraged by the faith, generosity and enthusiastic spirit of our members and friends.. The  Celebration would not be a success without your participation, co-operation and contributions.

Anumodana and Sadhu , Sadhu, Sadhu to all. 

Last but not least, we would like to seek your forgiveness if we have unintentionally caused any inconvenience to anyone.

We hope that you found happiness and joy in participating in our Wesak Celebration and see the importance of practicing the teaching of the Buddha. 

From the goodness arising from your generosity and practice, may they be the causes for the realization of your aspiration and attainment of  Final Liberation.

May the Triple Gem bless you and family with good health, happiness and prosperity.  

With gratitude