Students Safety

For the continuous peace, safety and security of our students, we seek your cooperation to observe the following.

  • a. Running is strictly not allowed within the premise.
  • b. Parents are NOT allowed on the Mezzanine and 1st floor from 8.50 am to 10.30 am during Dhamma School session.
  • c. Parents who need to be around on these floor must seek permission from the class teacher or the Principal.
  • d. Parents are to meet their child/children on the Lower Ground (LG) Floor after Dhamma School Session and not later than 11.30 am.
  • e. For your information, the Library on LG Floor is open until 12 noon.
  • f. For students who are attending SIG classes, please meet them on the Ground Floor lobby, outside Buddhacetiya Hall by 12.15 pm
  • g. Students are advice not to wait outside the compound.
  • h. Please inform your child/children NOT to leave the premise without your prior permission.
  • i. Should you or your child require any assistance, please contact your respective class teacher or call Sis Poh Liew at 016-201 9268.