Āyasmā Saṅgāmaji


Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Āyasmā Saṅgāmaji became a novice monk in Sri Lanka in 1998 at the age of 24 with Bhikkhu Katukurunde Ñānananda as his preceptor. He got higher ordination in 2000. He lived with Bhante K. Ñānananda and in a branch monastery until 2007, then left to live in solitary places in the forests of Sri Lanka until 2014. This period was interspersed with a stay of half a year in Bodhinyāna Monastery in Perth, Australia. He later spent about two years in Thailand, in Wat Pah Nanachat and branches, and about five months in a forest monastery in New Hampshire, US.

In 2018 he came to Malaysia and has been staying in Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary for about a year.

His main interests are the study and practice of Early Buddhism, the training of the mind, and a simple monk's life in the forest.