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Katannuta Publication Fund - Announcement

We wish to inform you that we will be closing the year 2018 collection of Katannuta Publication fund by 16 December 2018.

All collections received by BUBS will be fully remitted to Katannuta Publication, a group that sponsors the publication of Dhamma teachings, mainly taught by teachers of the Thai Forest tradition. There have been many titles printed and distributed which have been made available in our BUBS Free Publication rack. Many of the books will also be available during Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day (ACRD).

If you wish to partake in this meritorious deed, please make the donation at the Sunday Counter or BUBS office.  Tax Exempt Receipt will be issued.

Any collections received subsequent to the closing date will be carried forward to 2019. Anumodana!

For details, please contact Sis Sharon Soon 012-6985662.