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Post ACRD 2018 Meal Dana Offering Opportunity in UBV

Members and friends are encouraged to offer meal Dana (vegetarian and/or non-vegetarian) for 17  Thai Forest Venerables of Ajahn Chah lineage: -

1.   LP Liem

2.  LP Jundee

3.  LP Thiradhammo

4.  T Aj Nyanadhammo

5.  T Aj Moshe

6.  T Aj Vajiro

7.  T Aj Karuniko

8.  T Aj Kusalo

9.  T Aj Chandako

10. T Aj Dhammasiha

11.  T Aj Cattamalo

12.  T Aj Kalyano (Oslo)

13.  T Aj Jayanto

14.  T Kheow

15.  T Bird

16.  T Fai

17.  T Cham

Date: 17 Dec 2018 (Monday)

Time: 8.00 am

Please bring your cooked food, dessert and fruits, half an hour (30 Mins)  before the designated meal time.

Please contact Sis. Kim Liew - 012-200 1823 for further info. on the Dana.