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Module 1 Buddhism Course

Module 1 of the 3-week Buddhism Course will be held for 3 consecutive Saturdays starting 12 Jan 2019.

Week 1 (12 Jan 2019)

Course Leader:  Bro. Tan Buck Soon

Topic 1 – A Glimpse of Buddhism 

Topic 2 – The Triple Gem

Week 2 (19 Jan 2019

Course Leader: Datuk Charlie Chia

Topic 3 – The Four Noble Truth

Topic 4 – The Nobel 8-Fold Path

Week 3 (27 Jan 2019)

Course Leader: Bro Benny Liow

Topic 5 – Kamma and Rebirth

Topic 6 – Meritorious Deeds, Service and Contribution


All the courses will be conducted at the following time and venue:

Time: 3.00 - 6.00 p.m.

Venue: UBV, 1st Floor Bhavana Hall


All are encouraged to attend especially new membership applicants.

Please register online at We encourage you to reduce carbon footprint by registering online.

For further information, please contact Sis. Sook Mooi: 019-3625222/ Sis. Lily: 012-2788988

or UBV office: 77106010.