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Meal Dana for Sangha members from Fri, 15 Mar to Sun, 17 Mar 2019

Members and friends are encouraged to offer meal Dana (non-vegetarian) for the following Sangha members who will be staying in UBV:

  1. Ven. Ajahn Mettiko

  2. Ayasma Balacitta

  3. Ven. Ariyadhammika

  4. Ayasma Guttacitta

  5. Ven. Tavaro

Breakfast Dana at 7am and lunch Dana at 11 on tomorrow Friday, 15 March are for two Venerables, Ven. Ajahn Mettiko and Ayasma Guttacitta.

Breakfast Dana at 7am on Saturday 16 Mar and Sunday 17 Mar are for all 5 Venerables.

Please bring your cooked food, dessert and fruits, half an hour (30 Mins)  before the designated meal time.  Please contact Sis. Mei Hsiang - 018-388 6161 for further info. on the Dana.