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Wesak Day: Blood Donation and Organ Donation Pledge

One of the activities on Wesak Day, Sunday, 19 May is the Blood Donation and Organ Donation Pledge.

The event will be held at our Bhavana Hall (1st floor) from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

For the information of intending blood donors we are pleased to share the Blood Donation Advisory with you.

This sharing is with a view to assist you in realising your intention of participating in this meritorious deed.

To be able to donate, donor must be:

  1. Not ill on day of donation

  2. Aged between 18-60 years

  3. Body weight exceeds 45 kg

  4. Slept more than 5 hrs the night before

  5. Had a meal before donating

  6. No health problems

  7. Did not consume alcoholic drinks within the last 24 hrs

  8. Did not take any medication or antibiotics during the past 7 days

  9. Not pregnant or menstruating

Please remember to bring along your IC/Police or Army Card/Passport.

If you need further information on blood donation and/or organ pledge, please contact our BUDDY Bro Bryan: 013-2885251.

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