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Satipatthana retreat by Patrick Kearney - Applications of mindfulness

Registration for this retreat is open.  Closing date is on 10 Jul 2019 or upon reaching our optimum numbers.

Please register online or at our UBV Sunday counter.

There is no fee charged for the retreat but donation is encouraged.

 For further info, please call  Bro. Danny Liew : 012-207 3925.

Patrick Kearney 

Patrick Kearney is an independent dharma teacher in the lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw. He has trained extensively in the Mahasi approach to insight meditation, his principal teachers being Panditarama Sayadaw and John Hale. He has also trained in the Diamond Sangha lineage of Zen Buddhism. His original teacher was Robert Aitken Roshi, and he has since studied with other Diamond Sangha teachers in Australia.

Patrick has a particular interest in the original teachings of the Buddha, before the creation of Theravada or Mahayana. He studies Pali, the language of the earliest surviving Indian recension of the Buddha's teachings, and seeks to bring his understanding of the early texts to the practice of dharma in the contemporary world.