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Full Moon Puja

The coming Full Moon Puja falls on Friday, which coincides with the Chanting, Meditation and Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Anan – Live from Wat Marp Jan held every Friday evening.  We shall commence the offering of incense, water, light, fruits and flowers at 7:45pm. Thereafter the Emcee will recite the script for offering of lights sponsorship, then we will follow the chanting led by the Venerables from Wat Marp Jan which starts at 8:00pm. You are encouraged to stay on for the Dhamma talk after the chanting. You may bring flowers and fruits for offering.

For further clarification, please contact Bro Peck Hwa (012-3739107) for the new moon offering or Bro Bryan Kok (012-2295583) for the Live Telecast session.