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2019 短期出家营 Sāmaṇera & Sayalay Novitiate Program

We are pleased to inform you that Dhamma Earth Club of Malaysia (DECOM) is organising the 2019 Sāmaṇera & Sayalay Novitiate Program in Dhamma Earth (Semenyih) from 7 Sept to 16 Sept led by Venerable U Buddharakkhita.  BUBS will be supporting DECOM for this event.

To qualify for the program, interested participants must be able-bodied and above 18 years of age. Priority will be given to participants who can attend the whole program.  Please register online at Please note language of instruction for the program is Mandarin.

Registration will be closed by 31 August 2019 or when the maximum number of participants (20 males and 30 females) is reached, whichever is earlier.

Volunteers are also needed to assist in this program.  If you wish to volunteer, please register at

For further information, please contact Dhamma Earth Club of Malaysia (DECOM) at : 017-9779100.

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