Weekly Update

BUBS Activities Update from 12 June 2018

 1. Introduction to Meditation Course- 2nd lesson-14 June 2018

The second session of the  “Introduction to Meditation Course"  at UBV will be on  this Thursday, 14th  June 2018.  

This course is especially suitable for beginners but experienced yogis are also encouraged to attend as  Bro Dassana is a very experienced meditation teacher.

Please contact Bro. Danny Liew at 012-2073925 for further information.

2. Dhamma Talk by Ven. Ajahn Anan - Live from Wat Marp Jan.

Please be informed that this Friday  session on 15 June 2018 is cancelled.

Our regular Friday evening session with Ven. Ajahn Anan will resume  on  22, June  2018. 

For further info, please contact Bro. Bryan Kok: 012-2295583.  

3. Sunday Puja and Recorded Reading by Ven. Ajahn Amaro from “The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah” on  17 June 2018 at 9am

This Sunday’s  Puja will be facilitated by Bro.Peck Hwa, followed by a recorded reading from “The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah” by  Tan Ajahn Amaro on “Why Are We Here?”.For further info, please contact Danny Liew at 012-2073925

4. Dhamma School

Dhamma School will be closed for next three (3) Sundays ie 10th, 17th and 24th  June  2018 in conjunction with School term break. Classes will resume on 1st July 2018.

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe holiday.

 5. New Moon Puja on Thursday, 14th June 2018

The coming New Moon Puja falls on Thursday 14th June 2018.

As there is a Meditation course, the  the new moon chanting will commence at 8.00 pm to enable more to join the meditation course at 8:30pm. All are welcome to join this event.

You may bring flower and fruits for offering.

For further clarification, please contact Bro Danny Liew (016-3133628) or Bro Peck Hwa (012-3739107).

6. Evening Dhamma Talk by Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera on Sunday 24 June 2018.

Members and friends  are encouraged to participate in the Evening Dhamma talk by Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera at  8 pm in our Buddhacetiya Hall.

The topic of the talk is " How To Cultivate The Ariyan  Eightfold Path".  Kindly refer to attached.

Please park at the Community Hall.  

For details, please contact Bro. Bryan Kok: 0122295583.

Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera 

Ven. Dhammavuddho MahatheraVenerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera is the abbot of Vihara Buddha Gotama. As a layman he graduated from the University Malaya in 1971 and worked as an Electrical Engineer with the Public Works Department for 12 years before renouncing the home life. His interest in religion led him to study the world's major religions for a few years before meeting the Buddha's teachings in 1976.

In 1983, he went forth into the homeless life in the Mahayana tradition. Three years later, he was reordained in the Theravada tradition in Thailand. Thereafter, he spent about 10 years living the solitary lifestyle in quiet places.

He has written numerous booklets on Buddhism, e.g. Return to the Original Buddha's Teachings, Message of the Buddha, Buddhist Monk's Precepts, Liberation: Relevance of Sutta-Vinaya, Only We Can Help Ourselves, etc. His talks in English, Hokkien/Fujian, Cantonese, span the years 1988 - 2013. The 5 Nikayas in English, Hokkien Angguttara Nikaya, Samyutta Nikaya, Majjhima Nikaya; as well as other talks have been recorded in audio and video.

In 1998 he established the Vihara Buddha Gotama, a 15 acre piece of land outside Temoh,Perak.In 2012, he consented to be on the Monastic Advisory Panel of the Theravāda Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM).

7. Breakfast Dana for Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera on  Monday,  25 June 2018.

Members and friends are encouraged to offer breakfast Dana to  Ven. Dhammavuddho who will be staying at UBV.Breakfast  Dana is at 7 am.Please bring your cooked food(non-vegetarian), dessert and fruits, half an hour (30 Mins) before the designated meal time.  For food coordination, please contact Sis. Cheng Cheng: 012-2001823. 

8. Spiritual/Welfare cum Fellowship Trip to Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, Thailand: 26 Oct 2018 (Fri) – 1 Nov 2018 (Thurs)

Join us for a kathina trip in a forest monastery, Wat Phra Chao Ton Luang (abbot: Luang Por Thong Daeng) in Chiang Mai. Experience living in a beautiful and inspiring Children Home in the mountains at Dhammagiri Foundation, in one of the poorest and most beautiful parts of Thailand in Mae Hong Son. Children there are raised based on the good values of the Dhamma and guided by the forest monks. Visit hill tribes and present gifts to the impoverished villagers and school children. Take a glimpse into the cave where forest monks practise in, a bamboo-raft ride into a mysterious bat cave and enjoy the scenic views of nature along the way.

We will fly to Chiang Mai for a 2-night stay, take a domestic flight to Mae Hong Son for a 2-night stay at Dhammagiri Foundation, travel in tourist vans all the way back to Chiang Mai, stopping a night in Thamlod. Please note that there is a 3-hour winding road journey in the mountains of Mae Hong Son. Visits to certain places require trekking and is optional.

Cost of the Trip is estimated at RM1760.00 per pax which includes road transportation, accommodation, meals, dinner treats for the children of Dhammagiri Children home, gifts for the villagers and school children and bamboo raft ride/entrance fee to certain places of interest. The  Cost excludes international and domestic flights.

If you are interested, please fill up the attached application form and submit to the BUBS office or Sunday counter, together with a deposit CHEQUE payment of RM450.00 to be made payable to EL SOL TRAVEL AND TOURS SDN BHD.

Deposit is refundable only if application is not successful. In case of withdrawal, deposits are transferable upon finding successful replacements. Deposits are not refundable and transferable after 30 September 2018.

Further information will be provided upon confirmation of successful application.

For enquiries, please contact Sis Sharon (soongc99@gmail.com) or  Bro. Chiam:012-3290183 or BUBS office at 03-77106010.

Our additional regular activities

1.     Chanting class every Tuesday at 8.30 pm led by Bro. Dhammadassi  Kho.

2.     Birthday blessings on every first Tuesday of the month at 8.30 pm.

3.     Puja on every New Moon and Full Moon at 8.30 p.m.   Please bring flowers and fruits for offering.  For details, please contact  Bro. Peck Hwa: 012-3739107.

4.    Vipassana Meditation practise on every Thursday at 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm.. For details, please contact Bro. Danny Liew at 012-2073925 

5.     Metta (Loving- kindness) Meditation on every Sunday morning, 11 am  at Buddhacetiya Hall. For further details, please contact  Uncle Mudita Yew : 012-6275088 or Bro.Danny Liew: 012-2073925

We look forward to your support and participation. Please bring your family and friends.

May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and your family always

"A family that prays together stays together"