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Evening Dhamma talk by Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasaro

We are pleased to inform you that Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasaro will be giving an evening Dhamma talk.

Date : 2 October 2018 (Tue) 

Time : 8.30 pm

Venue : Buddhacetiya Hall, UBV

There will also be an opportunity to offer breakfast Dana to Luang Pu Boonsong and members of the Sangha the following day, 3 October 2018 (Wed) at 6.30 am. Please bring your cooked food to Sangha Dana room by 6 am.

For further details and Dana coordination, please contact Bro. Danny Liew: 012-2073925.

Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasaro

Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasaro, 81 years old, the abbot of Wat Santivanaram, District of Kaenghangmaeo, Chanthaburi Province, became a buddhist monk on 15 July 1966. He was born to a poor family. During his early days in monkhood, he received very little or no food when he went for alms round and had to overcome starvation.

He was under the tutelage of Luang Pu Whaen Sujinno (a disciple of Luang Por Mun), who was a highly respected meditation master at Doi Mae Pang, Chiangmai province, northern Thailand. He also studied with other great meditation masters. He was very impressed with the way and teachings of his highly respected and experienced master Luang Pu Whalen, whom he served unconditionally. 

He settled at Wat Santthiwanaram (Khao Nam Tok) after years of wandering in the forests. At that time Wat Santthiwanaram was a small monastery. Luang Por Boonsong now teaches the monks to follow the discipline and teachings of the forest tradition.

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