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Sunday Puja and Dhamma Talk by Tan Ajahn Kalyano from Norway

Title : Perception as the Master of the Mind  

Time: 9.20 am.

The talk will be followed by Dana ( food offering) at 11.00 am. Please bring your cooked food (healthy vegetarian), dessert and fruits, half an hour (30 Mins) before the designated meal time.

For Dana coordination,please contact Sis. Siew Kim :012-2981015 .

Please bring your family and friends along.

About Tan Ajahn Kalyano 

Born in Hitchin in 1961, Tan Ajahn Kalyano has been a practicing Buddhist since he was 17.  He began visiting Amaravati in the 1980’s. As a layman his path of practice and enquiry led him to work in hospitals for nearly twenty years specialising in neurological rehabilitation and learning disabilities as a Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist and Tai chi teacher.

He has a particular interest in exploring the relationship between body and mind.  He took full ordination at Chithurst Monastery in 1998 and has since travelled to Italy, Thailand and Australia.

Ajahn Kalyano is currently the abbot of Skiptvet Buddhist Monastery in Norway.