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Parents Day Celebration on 29 July 2018


Kataññu kataveti, which is the Pali for gratitude is highly valued character traits and to be cultivated. In developing kataññu we deliberately bring into our consciousness the good things done to us in our life.

So on this day, pre-registered participants for Parents Day will express their gratitude to their parents and seek their forgiveness.

Date : Sunday, 29 July 2018

Program 1 of 2

Time : 8.45 am to 9.30 am

Venue : Buddhacetiya Hall

Program :

  • Registration
  • Offering & Puja by students of Teenquest 2
  • Metta Mindfulness
  • Proceed to Bhavana Hall

Program 2 of 2

Time : 9.45 am to 10.45 am

Venue : Bhavana Hall

Program :

  • Participant/s & Child/Children : to queue outside Bhavana Hall for admission
  • Welcome Address by President of BUBS, Bro Keu TS
  • Address by Organising Chairman, Bro TC Weng
  • Students’ Presentation by Hymn Singing SIG and Teenquest 2
  • Gratitude Ceremony
  • End

Please note that there will be strictly no admission for adult non-participant to Bhavana Hall.

For details, please contact Sis. Poh Liew (016-2019268) or Sis. Chooi (012-3908949)

 "Even if one should carry about one's mother on one shoulder and one's father on the other, and so doing should live a hundred years.... Moreover, if one should set them up as supreme rulers, having absolute rule over the wide earth abounding in the seven treasures - not even by this could one repay one's parents. And why! Bhikkhus, parents do a lot for their children: they bring them up, provide them with food, introduce them to the world.
Yet, bhikkhus, whoever encourages their faithless parents, and settles and establishes them in faith; or whoever encourages their immoral parents and settles and establishes them in morality, or whoever encourages their stingy parents, and settles and establishes them in generosity, or whoever encourages their foolish parents, and settles and establishes them in wisdom - such a person, in this way repays, more than repays, what is due to their parents"
Anguttara Nikaya: Twos, 32

Cancellation of regular Dhamma Classes and SIG Classes

There will be no regular Dhamma Classes and SIG Classes on 29 Sunday 2018.

The school is only open for Parents Day Celebration. As such, students not registered for participation for Parents Day are not required to be present.