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Intermediate Meditation Course By Bro. Dasanna

We are pleased to inform you that  Bro.Dasanna will be conducting the 3rd lesson of the meditation course at UBV on 18 Apr 2019 from 8.30pm - 10pm

For further information, please  contact  Bro. Danny Liew: 012-2073925

Bro. Dassana

Bro. Dassana has been practising Vipassana Medidation for the past 20 years. He has done many years of retreats in Mynmar, Thailand and Malaysia under various teachers. Most of his retreats are in the Mahasi tradition, though he has also explored others traditions as well. He was also a monk for 17 years which give him the opportunity and time to study the theory and to do long intensive vipassana retreats.