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Dhamma School Special Interest Group (SIG) Classes

Classes commence on 23 June 2019. New and walk-in students are welcome.  Please register student names with the respective teacher.   Details are as follows :

Type                        Time                             Venue                           Teacher

a.     Kids Yoga          10.45 am to 11.45 am         Bhavanna Hall            Pushpa

b.    Drama                11 am to 12 noon               Upekkha                       Alain Boey

c.     Hymn Singing  11 am to 12 noon                Dana                            Sunny Hor

d.    Dance                11 am to 12 noon               Sacca                           Joannie Tan

Kids Yoga is for Dhamma School students who are 10 years old and below, whereas all other SIG classes are for 10 years old and above.