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Sunday Dhamma talk by Bro. Tan Ho Soon

We are pleased to inform you that Bro. Tan Ho Soon will be giving a Dhamma talk after Sunday Puja. 

Title: "Cultivating Gratitude"

Time: 9 am

For further info, please contact Bro. Bryan Kok: 012-2295583.


Bro. Tan Ho Soon

Bro. Tan received a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom, graduating with an Honours Degree in Marketing and International Business from University of Hertfordshire. He furthered his education upon his return and earned an MBA from Universiti Putra Malaysia and later, a Doctorate from the University of Centerbury. Bro. Tan is also a graduate of the Buddhist and Plai University of Sri Lanka, where he was awarded a diploma and a M.A. degree. He is well versed in the Pali language.

In 1999, Bro. Tan founded the Sri Serdan Buddhist House, a hostel and training facility for Buddhist undergraduates. He is the founder of the Nalanda Buddhist Society in Seri Kembangan and is currently its advisor. Bro. Tan also heads the newly established Nalanda Institute of Malaysia as its founding Director.