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Sunday Dhamma talk by Venerable Buddharakkhita


In conjunction with this Sunday's Sanghika Dana, we are pleased to inform that Ven. Buddharakkhita will be giving a Dhamma talk before commencement of Pindacara.

The title of the talk is "Mangala Sutta".

"The Maha-Mangala Sutta shows that the Buddha's instructions do not always take negative forms, that they are not always a series of classifications and analysis, or concerned exclusively with monastic morality. Here in this sutta we find family morality expressed in most elegant verses. We can imagine the happy blissful state household life attained as a result of following these injunctions." (From The Ethics of Buddhism by S. Tachibana, Colombo 1943, Bauddha Sahitya Sabha).

For further info, please contact Bro. Danny Liew: 012-2073925.